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Intermittent Fasting and Weight Loss

Recent article published October 2017 gave great insight into the question of whether any form of fasting is beneficial in a weight loss program. We know from experience that if we decrease our food intake it helps us loose weight, but how much should we decrease and for how long. Also, as most of us have experience in our personal quest to lose weight, limiting calories only works for a short while as we see the results of our dieting become stagnet.

The researchers in this study took a different approach to limiting calories, they tested mice and completely restricted their calories for 1 full day (no food intake at all) and then were allowed to eat the other two days following the fasting period. This eating pattern was continued for a 4 month period. They were compared to a second group of mice that were fed everyday. It is important to know that the mice that fasted were allowed to eat extra calories on their feeding days and this resulted in both groups eating the same overall amount in the 4 month period.

The results were exciting, the mice that fasted every 3rd day weighed significally less than the control group! In addition, glucose metabolism was improved and insulin sensitivity was increased. The fasting mice also had less lipid accumulation in their liver. These are very promising results, however more research needs to be done in order to better understand all the physiology behind the benefits of intermittent fasting and to determine ideal fasting schedules. To read the full article click this link.

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