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Testosterone Therapy and the Beneficial Effects on Blood Sugar

Recently I came across a study that evaluated the benefits of testosterone replacement in men with documented low levels, that were also diagnosed with prediabetes (also called, Insulin Resistance Syndrome). In this study, the patients were divided into two groups, one that was treated with testosterone therapy and the other that opted not to start replacement. The group on testosterone therapy ( >200 men), over an eight year period were followed closely and showed no progression of their prediabetes to diabetes. However, in the group that did not use testosterone, 40% progressed to worsening blood sugars levels and eventually became diabetic. Those results alone were impressive but in addition to stopping the progression to diabetes, the majority of the testosterone treated group actually normalized (or reversed) their prediabetes. With all the detrimental health effects that diabetes has been shown to cause, it is exciting to find that there may be additional tools to help reverse prediates in hopes to improve our patients overall health and quality of life. To see the full research article in detail, just follow the link below.

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