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 Are you sick of struggling with your weight?


 Are you frustrated with diet programs that expect you to  follow unrealistic meal plans?

 Is your weight steadily increasing despite maintaining  good eating habits and exercising?


 The doctors at South Florida Weight Loss center  can help you today!!

Your  ONE STOP location

for weight loss and wellness

 Meet our Medical Director

Dr. G. Valdes, has been in the medical field for more than 20 years, with the last 12 years almost exclusively devoted to weight loss and wellness. Having suffered from obesity for many years himself, he is sympathetic to the struggles of his weight loss patients. Dr. Valdes is a strong believer that obesity for many people is a chronic medical problem that needs ongoing treatment in order to achieve and maintain lifelong wellness. 

Dr g
Gerardo Valdes, M.D.
Other Services
  • Male testosterone replacement therapy

  • IV Vitamin infusion therapy

  • B12 shots (B12 standard or B12 with MIC)

  • Juvederm (filler)

  • Botox

  • and so much more...

 Weight Loss Program Details
  • Physician supervised weight loss program

  • Combination of FDA approved medications plus natural supplements

  • Comprehensive medical examination to look for underlying causes of weight gain​

  • Helps diminish your hunger and cravings​

  • Increase your metabolism​

  • Feel full and satisfied while eating smaller portions​

  • Eat real food and develop healthy, attainable lifestyle habits​​

  • Maintenance program to help you keep that weight off​ after you reach your goal 

  • Get physician help from ​beginning to end                                                                                                                      

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